Domestic Violence & Marriage Counseling

Counseling is a process of working together to identify areas for growth. At Elevated Groups Counseling, counselors assist clients in building on their strengths to help them and those they love lead healthier and fuller lives.

Who can benefit from counseling?

In everyone’s life there are times when difficulties arise. Sometimes these issues can seem overwhelming, causing a person to feel hurt, angry, misunderstood, confused or without hope. At times like these, professional counselors at Elevated Groups Counseling can help address those situations so that individuals can move forward with their lives.

A holistic approach

Through counseling, clients gain new perspectives on their situations and focus on practical solutions. Counselors draw on their professional training and skills to meet the unique needs of each individual, couple or family. When appropriate, and in consultation with the client, counselors work as a team with other professionals such as pastors, teachers, physicians and juvenile court personnel.

Counseling often involves:

  • Working through unresolved issues
  • Developing new and more effective ways of coping
  • Discovering options for problem-solving
  • Facilitating clear communication
  • Building and strengthening relationships
  • Learning to experience God’s forgiving love more fully
  • Helping clients manage and create life goals