Psychological Evaluation for Immigration

An Immigration Psychological Evaluation is a psychological assessment that is used to help immigration courts determine whether an individual will be able to remain lawfully in the United States.


We have extensive experience with immigrants from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We have specialized training in diagnosis, trauma, domestic violence as well as immigration law. Our reports incorporate strong clinical material with an understanding of the unique requirement of USCIS.


Immigration evaluations entail a series of interviews, appropriate forms, and psychological assessments. The information gathered results in a compiled mental health assessment that can be given your attorney to be utilized in court.

Immigration hardship evaluations typically consist of:

  • Interviewing/assessment
  • Interpretation, collaboration with attorney
  • report-writing
  • Editing based on feedback from attorney
  • We offer competitive and reasonable prices. Please contact us for an estimate.


While we place great importance on our attention to detail, we provide quick turnaround times. You will receive your first appointment within 5 days, and in most cases, we will complete your comprehensive evaluation within three weeks. Expedited service available upon request.