Substace Abuse & Addiction

Drug addiction and substance abuse are complex disorders. Driven by uncontrollable drug cravings and drug-seeking behaviors, drug addicts and substance abusers often exhibit compulsive behaviors. Their need to be chemically “regulated” by drugs, despite the devastating consequences have a significant impact on behaviors. Because drug addiction is a serious, life-threatening disorder, it requires professional treatment and multiple levels of expert care immediately. Elevated Groups Counseling can provide this life-changing treatment, giving you the chance to reclaim the life that you need and deserve. Here, you can participate in an addiction treatment program that treats causes, not symptoms.

What are the signs that you need a substance abuse treatment center?

Substance abuse can begin in a person taking addictive drugs for the very first time. Prolonged drug exposure begins to affect the brain, thus impacting one’s ability to reason or control his behavior. Over time, signs of drug addiction become more and more evident. Some of these signs include:

  • Loss of control over one’s behavior
  • Compulsive, drug-seeking and consuming actions
  • Diminishing motivation and memory
  • Without effective intervention drug users continue to lead lives that are disruptive – even destructive — to themselves and others.